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A life in the decade. September 11, 2011

Ten years ago today,  there was a seven year old girl sitting in class. That seven year old was me, I didn’t know it at the time, and I probably wouldn’t have understood anyways, how much of an impact the 11th of September would come to have on my life.

On September 11th 2001 in New York city, the twin towers fell and 2,996 lost there lives, all over the world men and women lost their spouses and children would come home from school, or wake up in the afternoon and learn that mommy and daddy weren’t going to be coming home. For some it was just a normal day heading in to work, for others they were trying to save the lives of people stuck inside the towers and lost their own instead… and somewhere, 408 miles  away from all of that, was an inconspicuous women, a women who for the past 9 months had been battling cancer.

That women was my mom. Who at the age of 39 was going through the most trying and difficult time of her life. My mom had spent the last eight months of her life preparing my fourteen year old sister and thirteen year old brother for the worst case scenario. There job wasn’t to go out and to have fun, but to help my dad look after me, a seven year old at the time, and my younger brother who was only four. It’s not what any teenager wants to do with their free time but they loved my mom and would do anything for her. I don’t remember much from the time that my mom was sick, but every now and then snipits from that time come back to me and I’m left wondering if it’s something I imagined.

On the 11th of september as the twin towers were falling my dad was driving my mom to her last chemotherapy appointment, something he had to drag her to every time because she hated how weak and sick it made her, and how every time afterwards she would sleep for hours and couldn’t play with me and my siblings, or help us with our homework, she hated that it robbed her of precious hours, and days, and weeks of her life – but at the same time she knew that it would provide her with the time that she needed, the time to see her kids grow up and reach high school, to watch my sister walk down the isle, or to see the birth of her first grandchild.

Seven year old me didn’t understand any of this, I understood that my mom was sick, and that I could give her hugs and they would make her smile, that for some reason that day some planes had crashed into a building and a lot of kids just like me had lost their mom, or their dad, or both. But in the end I was luckier then them, although I had to watch my mom suffer through her disease, she was able to beat it, to have her family and friends at her side during her weakest moments, and be able to pull through. On the 11th of September each year, I was older, and more conflicted, everyone was crying and sad and I shared in that feeling, for the people who lost their lives, but I wanted to scream and cry out in joy because it was another year that my mom was cancer free and able to watch my family grow up.

Now ten years later, approaching the age of 18, my mom has a clean bill of health and is ten years cancer free, but it has also been ten years since 2,996 lost their lives, ten years that some kid just like me, only 408 miles from here or maybe on the other side of the world has gone without there mom. Life teaches us lessons, and sometimes there things we don’t want to learn, when I was seven years old, I learned that life isn’t fair, and bad things happen to good people, but I also learned that we have to celebrate everyday that is given to us, and to not take anything for granted. To cherish everyone that is in our life, because we never how long they will be with us.

Nearly a decade has past and we still mourn the loss of the people who died on this day, but as the fates had it, my mom was not one of them. Today was a celebration, not one of death, or of loss… but of life.


These Kids May Wear Crowns But Marianas Trench Won The Trophy August 26, 2011

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So basically I got to fulfill my thing of meeting a famous person, by meeting famous persons when one of my dear friend’s Mary won us the chance to go to Bala, a small area up in the Muskokas and meet not only These Kids Wear Crowns, who I love with a fiery hot passion, but to also meet Marianas Trench, whom I love with the fiery hot intensity of a thousand burning suns. Needless to say the concert was amazing, there was bouncy castles, bubble machines, free pizza milkshakes and pop which worked out nicely for the starving people that were there. And the performances were amazing. I got a camera full of pictures that I’m looking to upload in the very near future so I’ll keep you in on that, but other than that one of my favorite moments of the night was the fact that we got to Celebrate and sing Happy Birthday to Alexander Johnson.


Tell me a story that consists of more, than once upon a time. Sing me a song that I can hum upstairs in bed, that can live in my mind. August 5, 2011

So my summer really hasn’t improved very much since I last blogged to the world, and as much as I promised to vamp it up a little bit – not to be confused with being a vampire *eye roll* – The only things that I’ve really managed to do is get hooked on more tv show’s such as Degrassi, and MTV’s Awkward. The latter show, Awkward is a refreshing little slice of something that I don’t get enough of – High School Drama. Because as someone who actually managed to graduate this year I did the smart thing and signed up to come back – for a fifth year. Oh, that other really exciting thing I did… I beat Tetris, and for those of you who doubt me or think it impossible, seriously once you get to level 50 and obtain five gold stars they literally declare you a “God of Tetris” and there’s no levels afterwards, something that I was not expecting and now has me highly disappointed as Tetris was my one thing I did other than watching teenage soap operas made by ABC Family.


Something else my sensational blog followers, I promise I’m not a hipster, but if you have to forgoe the show’s atleast listen to the music, a lot of it’s Indie music – per say – but hey, without it I would never have beat Tetris.


That awkward moment when Voldemort hugs you. July 21, 2011

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I’ve done a lot in the past few days. I went and saw the final film to the Harry Potter series, I had a nerdout day with my friend Meghan, Hell today I even had a water balloon fight with my family, but I haven’t really accomplished anything.

It’s been 117 days since I started my path of 101 things in 1001 days, meaning I have 884 days to go on completing my list, but do I really want to? – Well Hell Yeah, otherwise, why did I start it. – But what I meant is I’ve changed. Really, I promise I’m not just bullshitting you, somewhere between doing nothing and … well-doing a whole SHIT LOAD more of nothing something inside me happened.

Maybe it’s been the separation of my friend’s and watching as everyone gets ready to leave for college in about a month, or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been watching way to much of MTV’s “The Buried Life” or “If You Really Knew Me”. Life is short and in the time that I have left on this planet I want to make a difference.

Yes I still want to finish my original list, which is actually a bunch of items that I want to do, and that will enrich my life, but there are a lot of items that I’ve decided to swap out of my list to put something different on. I’m not giving up on these goals. I’m just changing my priorities, instead of watching 100 movies, why not give a complete stranger 100 dollars. Instead of riding in a limo who not pay for someone’s groceries.

So here it is, my newly updated list… well more of my newly updated numbers. It may seem like I have a lot of time with that 884 days but really, all I have is this moment right now, because who knows if I’ll be here when day 118 rolls around.

11. Visit Roswell, New Mexico -> 11. Pay for Someone’s groceries

26. Go on a road trip -> 26. Make a Donation to Charity

32. Watch every season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in order (1/7) -> 32. Go on a Blind Date

41. Drive across the U.S. -> 41. Plant a tree

46. Attend a fancy dress party -> 46. Take a Kid on a toy shopping spree

57. Ride in a limo -> 57. Give a stranger a 100 dollar bill

59. Find a geochache in at least 5 states (0/5) -> 59. Scream at the top of your lungs

63. Get a caricature done of myself -> 63. Throw a Surprise Party 

73. Dye my hair -> 73. Win an award

80. Paint a wall ->80. Draw A Mural

93. Tape and post more videos of my singing on YouTube -> 93. Make the Front page of a Newspaper

For my full list of the 101 things that I want to do with my leftover days of life, well that’s here on my blog, but I’m done pinging things back. If you’re really interested in this, leave something in the comments and tell me what you’d want to do.

And as the boys on The Buried Life said –

“If you had one day to live, what would you do? Would you rob a bank, plant a tree, or tell someone how you really feel? Now if you had a lifetime to live, would you lose that drive, or would the list just keep getting longer? Do it know, because life is very short and remember it’s all in the question; What do you want to do, before you die?”


Blame it on the pop, blame it on the dance, blame it on the Rock and Roll, Blame it on the feeling of the music Deep inside-i-i-ide your soul. July 7, 2011

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So basically, this keyboard is trying to kill me, it literally just took me seven tries to get the first two words in the sentence right, BUT I’ve done it, so we’re good. Now onto why I’m actually here, my lovely friend Miss Beckie Duhamllama likes to sing, and why shouldn’t she! She’s bloody Brilliant, and I’m going to promote her, now although I haven’t written a decent blog post in forever really, I promise that if you listen to Beckie sing I will try and be less of an angsty teenager, and more of that magnificent god that you first got to know me as.

This is Beckie singing Adele’s Turning Tables:


Switched at Birth, Teen Wolf and other reasons I won’t have a life this summer. June 17, 2011

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It’s true, I usually don’t have a life during the summertime. There was that one year I was working, the other year I got a computer tan, and that completely random year that I actually spent almost the entire summer away from my house. For this summer, I’m really hoping to find some great combination of all three. I’m desperate to find a job, I have Chicago to pay off, New York to save up for, and I’m also looking into buying a minivan. But I still want to hang out with my friends, and because I didn’t have an exam today and was completely bored after cleaning the house – I know and I still had time to spare? What a life – I started watching such wonderful shows as Switched at Birth and Teen Wolf, no TW is alright so far, but reminds me a lot of this show I used to watch called The Gates, it was actually a lot better and had a lot more diversity, but Hey, I can’t be to hard on them – the show is only three episodes in. Where as on the other hand my new favorite show to be is Switched at Birth, a show about two girls, who you guessed it, were switched at birth.

But it goes more beyond that, it goes on to show how although they’re not biologically related the parents still want the daughters they’ve been raising for the last sixteen years and the hardships they go through in figuring out what the right thing to do is. Which brings me to my final point of wanting to hang out with my friend’s. The problem is, I sometimes become anti social during the summer months and don’t really want to see my friends unless I’m feeling particularly inspired to hang out that day, and then usually that doesn’t work because we have to plan on hanging out weeks in advance. Really sometimes I wish my friends were as spontaneous as they claim to be. Now for all of you out there hoping to join me in some lifeless tv watching, or just happened to miss the last episode of your favorite show check out “” they have almost any show you could want.

I guess in the long run, I’ll probably work somewhere horrid like Tim Horton’s or Subway – money is money – and spend all my free time watching my “Soaps” and planning for my road trip next summer, in my awesome minivan.


Today I don’t feel like doing anything. June 10, 2011

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Which is a horrible attitude to take at this point. I mean it’s summative and exam time. Now is the time to do everything – Catch up on my online course before the exam starts. Finish writing out all my stuff for my Writer’s Craft summative…. and that’s about it actually. I mean I need to talk to my guidance counsellor like there’s no tomorrow. And I also really need to get a job because I’d like to get my G2 right now, but am not allowed until I can pay for my insurance. Which is stupid. I’d also like a car… and a boat, and a mansion, a yacht, and a trip to the bottom of the ocean. Hey it’s nice to want things. To aspire, to dream.

In all honesty, I really just want school to be over. I want to start my life already, get a full-time job and work 40-50 hours a week. I know it sounds crazy everyone at this age is desperately clutching onto there last days of freedom before the jobs and the bills all start piling up, but I mean, what else in life is there. I plan on doing my own thing. Going on road trips and working a job that I actually like, I mean if you’re living your life from day-to-day and you’re not enjoying any of it, then you’re not really living your life. If you hate your job… well that’s to be expected. If it’s something you actually enjoyed then it wouldn’t be a job, it would be a “Fun” something that makes you happy and makes you feel like your actually accomplishing something you like.

 I get this ranty rant was sort of pointless. And a lot of you will probably get to this blog title because you love that song by Bruno Mars. Hopefully though it will make you think about your life just a bit, I mean it’s not like our generation has accomplished anything huge yet – I think that should be our goal.