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My name’s Gabrial… and I like Getting noticed. October 13, 2011

So it’s been a month since I updated this thing, and I feel without Cvetich constantly nagging at me to hand something in for marks each month I do sometimes fall behind. I feel bad about this every now and then, because as my loyal readers, I should be loyal to you. So let’s do an update.

I’m in a show, a play actually, I wish I was on TV but that’s still a little further down the road in my future. And It’s with a professional theatre company out where I live. I’m performing with many other talented youths who range in age 8 – 21. I must say its a little weird being one of the older kids for once, it defiantly makes flirting with cast mates harder, seeing as they’re all basically fifteen. But other than not really being able to “Get my Flirtface on” we are busy at work perfecting our modern-day version of Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband. Now Modern really isn’t the right word I suppose, we aren’t changing any of the words or having Chevley be the harlot that she secretly is. But we are taking the play in our own little direction which should turn out quite nice in the end.

What else is going on you ask, well Canadian Thanksgiving has just passed us by and spending and absurd amount of time with my family is just the way I like to spend my holidays, well with Family and the hordes of pie each of them brings to the dinner, I mean really – FIVE Pumpkin Pies? But other than that there’s not much to complain about. Aside from the fact that my mother was unable to be at dinner with us for the whole weekend, and has been absent from my life for the whole week. She is at the Hospital in London with her own mother – my Grandma – who was rushed there from Owen Sound after a large tumor was discovered in her brain. My mother is keeping my grandfather company as they wait for my grandmother to recover in the ICU. But I know everything will turn out fine and that my grandma will be back to her old self if not better, because it’s still October, and 2012 hasn’t started which means my death quota is still overfull and can’t handle a single drop more of sadness.

I really wish I could end this off on a happy note, who knows maybe I can, let me think for a minute… let me think…. Doo doo doo do do do doo doo… dooo doo doo doo do do do do do do * .. got it, I recently dropped my english course and without any previous experience I got into a Grade 12 highest level Vocals Class. Hopefully this will improve my singing which I find dreadful and my friends find lovely… But it will help me out a lot.. I mean I have a great range, it’s just to shape that range it a beautiful home… on the… range. ;)


A life in the decade. September 11, 2011

Ten years ago today,  there was a seven year old girl sitting in class. That seven year old was me, I didn’t know it at the time, and I probably wouldn’t have understood anyways, how much of an impact the 11th of September would come to have on my life.

On September 11th 2001 in New York city, the twin towers fell and 2,996 lost there lives, all over the world men and women lost their spouses and children would come home from school, or wake up in the afternoon and learn that mommy and daddy weren’t going to be coming home. For some it was just a normal day heading in to work, for others they were trying to save the lives of people stuck inside the towers and lost their own instead… and somewhere, 408 miles  away from all of that, was an inconspicuous women, a women who for the past 9 months had been battling cancer.

That women was my mom. Who at the age of 39 was going through the most trying and difficult time of her life. My mom had spent the last eight months of her life preparing my fourteen year old sister and thirteen year old brother for the worst case scenario. There job wasn’t to go out and to have fun, but to help my dad look after me, a seven year old at the time, and my younger brother who was only four. It’s not what any teenager wants to do with their free time but they loved my mom and would do anything for her. I don’t remember much from the time that my mom was sick, but every now and then snipits from that time come back to me and I’m left wondering if it’s something I imagined.

On the 11th of september as the twin towers were falling my dad was driving my mom to her last chemotherapy appointment, something he had to drag her to every time because she hated how weak and sick it made her, and how every time afterwards she would sleep for hours and couldn’t play with me and my siblings, or help us with our homework, she hated that it robbed her of precious hours, and days, and weeks of her life – but at the same time she knew that it would provide her with the time that she needed, the time to see her kids grow up and reach high school, to watch my sister walk down the isle, or to see the birth of her first grandchild.

Seven year old me didn’t understand any of this, I understood that my mom was sick, and that I could give her hugs and they would make her smile, that for some reason that day some planes had crashed into a building and a lot of kids just like me had lost their mom, or their dad, or both. But in the end I was luckier then them, although I had to watch my mom suffer through her disease, she was able to beat it, to have her family and friends at her side during her weakest moments, and be able to pull through. On the 11th of September each year, I was older, and more conflicted, everyone was crying and sad and I shared in that feeling, for the people who lost their lives, but I wanted to scream and cry out in joy because it was another year that my mom was cancer free and able to watch my family grow up.

Now ten years later, approaching the age of 18, my mom has a clean bill of health and is ten years cancer free, but it has also been ten years since 2,996 lost their lives, ten years that some kid just like me, only 408 miles from here or maybe on the other side of the world has gone without there mom. Life teaches us lessons, and sometimes there things we don’t want to learn, when I was seven years old, I learned that life isn’t fair, and bad things happen to good people, but I also learned that we have to celebrate everyday that is given to us, and to not take anything for granted. To cherish everyone that is in our life, because we never how long they will be with us.

Nearly a decade has past and we still mourn the loss of the people who died on this day, but as the fates had it, my mom was not one of them. Today was a celebration, not one of death, or of loss… but of life.


These Kids May Wear Crowns But Marianas Trench Won The Trophy August 26, 2011

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So basically I got to fulfill my thing of meeting a famous person, by meeting famous persons when one of my dear friend’s Mary won us the chance to go to Bala, a small area up in the Muskokas and meet not only These Kids Wear Crowns, who I love with a fiery hot passion, but to also meet Marianas Trench, whom I love with the fiery hot intensity of a thousand burning suns. Needless to say the concert was amazing, there was bouncy castles, bubble machines, free pizza milkshakes and pop which worked out nicely for the starving people that were there. And the performances were amazing. I got a camera full of pictures that I’m looking to upload in the very near future so I’ll keep you in on that, but other than that one of my favorite moments of the night was the fact that we got to Celebrate and sing Happy Birthday to Alexander Johnson.


So I’ve started this thing. Where I’m a hermit… but I’m a hermit with friends, so it’s okay. May 20, 2011

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I’m not sure why it started… probably because I realized how much I was failing and have decided to just hide out in my room watching movies until I no longer suck… basically what that means is it’ll take a while. So while I’m hiding out I decided I might as well my useless zombie vegging time adn cross of yet another thing from my 101 list, because lately I feel I need to complete those goals – it makes me feel really good when I do – and movies can help me because as I wrote down for number 35, I plan on watching 50 of IMDB’s 250 top movies of all time.

Now on the list are some movies I will happily enjoy watching because I love them, or they arn’t a half bad movie, but I have a feeling it’s going to get harder as the liste gets shorter and I’m left with movies I just really have no interest in watching at all. So far though I am proud to say that I have crossed off over half the movies of the 50 and I’ve enjoyed every one of them… needless to say I’m a boring person with no life who hangs out in her room watching movies, doctor who and talking to people about odd things… I really need some sun to shine so I don’t end up like a hermit, just stuck inside my shell of a room.

Bascially the moral of this story… I need a tan.


No, the zodiac’s havn’t changed… stop telling me I’m an artichoke! January 15, 2011

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It’s been raging since Wednesday, the world has been flipped upside down, people wandering aimlessly around the streets in a haze, complete major cities collapsing… alright non of that is really true, but everyone’s been making this story sound so dramatic and tramatizing, you might have thought it had.

In truth people have just been arguing constantly that the zodiac signs have changed, yup somewhere in the last 3000 years the stars went all topsy-turvy and the 12 zodiac’s have been discludeing their weird and foreignly named cousin. In all honestly though most people’s major concerns have been; But I’m completely a Scorpio, What about my tattoo? Does that have to change as well.

I’ve never really done a news piece here on the blog doe mine. (Really Gabrial? Really?) And so this post is born, it’s a new kind of post that will shock and scare most of you… its actual news, laced with heavy sarcasm and humor only I find funny. So even if you hate this entire post and wish that I never speak of the real worlds problems again, well that’s just bad news for you because… Because I’m still going to write about it.

So continuing back to the zodiac sign’s I’ve voiced my opinion to my friend’s when this was first brought up, I’m a Sagittarius, I’m going to stay a Sagittarius, I’m not going to be an Aardvark or an Artichoke, or whatever “new” sign** I am, and you’re just going to have to deal with it – does it affect you in some personal way, no probably not. Does anyone really go by their zodiac sign – especially those in high school, again no, So Moving on. Most people who are still confused and in an upROAR can follow the link to an article, so sit back relax, put your head between your knees… everything is going to be okay.

**My apparent new sign was the horribly neglected Ophiuchus, why I write aardvarks and artichoke I have no idea, the real word that comes to mind when I read “Ophiuchus” is MORPHEUS.