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These Kids May Wear Crowns But Marianas Trench Won The Trophy August 26, 2011

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So basically I got to fulfill my thing of meeting a famous person, by meeting famous persons when one of my dear friend’s Mary won us the chance to go to Bala, a small area up in the Muskokas and meet not only These Kids Wear Crowns, who I love with a fiery hot passion, but to also meet Marianas Trench, whom I love with the fiery hot intensity of a thousand burning suns. Needless to say the concert was amazing, there was bouncy castles, bubble machines, free pizza milkshakes and pop which worked out nicely for the starving people that were there. And the performances were amazing. I got a camera full of pictures that I’m looking to upload in the very near future so I’ll keep you in on that, but other than that one of my favorite moments of the night was the fact that we got to Celebrate and sing Happy Birthday to Alexander Johnson.


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