Happieness is a choice

Today I don’t feel like doing anything. June 10, 2011

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Which is a horrible attitude to take at this point. I mean it’s summative and exam time. Now is the time to do everything – Catch up on my online course before the exam starts. Finish writing out all my stuff for my Writer’s Craft summative…. and that’s about it actually. I mean I need to talk to my guidance counsellor like there’s no tomorrow. And I also really need to get a job because I’d like to get my G2 right now, but am not allowed until I can pay for my insurance. Which is stupid. I’d also like a car… and a boat, and a mansion, a yacht, and a trip to the bottom of the ocean. Hey it’s nice to want things. To aspire, to dream.

In all honesty, I really just want school to be over. I want to start my life already, get a full-time job and work 40-50 hours a week. I know it sounds crazy everyone at this age is desperately clutching onto there last days of freedom before the jobs and the bills all start piling up, but I mean, what else in life is there. I plan on doing my own thing. Going on road trips and working a job that I actually like, I mean if you’re living your life from day-to-day and you’re not enjoying any of it, then you’re not really living your life. If you hate your job… well that’s to be expected. If it’s something you actually enjoyed then it wouldn’t be a job, it would be a “Fun” something that makes you happy and makes you feel like your actually accomplishing something you like.

 I get this ranty rant was sort of pointless. And a lot of you will probably get to this blog title because you love that song by Bruno Mars. Hopefully though it will make you think about your life just a bit, I mean it’s not like our generation has accomplished anything huge yet – I think that should be our goal. 


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