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I wear my sunglasses in … english class? May 30, 2011

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Yeah so I’m sitting here in English class, getting together all my information on Planking, because that’s what I’m writing my Prosse essay about. Its a new trend, you’ll love it, you’ll hate it, and aside from people who were maybe born with a curved spine, or happen to just be a head in a jar, Everyone can do it… But does that mean that everyone should. To anwser that well I’ll refer back to one of my points in the essay, someone has actually died planking, does this mean that the man – a New Zelander – who invented planking should be blaimed for his death. No, because while the death could have been avoided had Acteon( An Australian man) not been planking his seventh storey balcony, it could have also been avoided had he not been drunk, and trying to take the photo himself.

Now really I didn’t come onto this blog post to start any trouble, really I just put my sunglasses on and felt the need to write a blog post, I’m sitting here in a summer-ie dress, with flipflops, my sunglasses and I can’t WAIT for friday, It has to be sunny and warm. I mean we’re going to the beach. :)


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