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I feel like the perfect thing to own right before the Royal Wedding is a Crazy Hat Store. You’d obviously make a killing. April 30, 2011

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The title of my post is becasue I watched bits and peices of the Royal Wedding and despite the beautiful dress Kate was wearing and the singing of the alter boys that really got me going. The only thing my short attention span could ever really focus on was the amount of ridiculous hats there were. I’m not sure what it is about Royal Weddings. Actually maybe it’s just the Queen, but people feel like they need to wear a serving tray on there head. Some of these hats were so ridiculous I wondered if there was a person beneath them at all, or if the Queen had actually just invited a headless-hat-wearing-torso to the wedding.

Now some of the hats I don’t completly hate and probably would wear myself, if you know, I wore hats at all. Some of them on the other hand made we wonder what the person wearing it was thinking. Did they really role out of bed and look through there hat section of the closet and go “Ah, you see this, I feel like wearing a big squiggly bow that cascades down my face. It’s absaloutly the most sensable thing to wear.” Because I feel that’s what Princess Beatrice did when she put on her hat.


4 Responses to “I feel like the perfect thing to own right before the Royal Wedding is a Crazy Hat Store. You’d obviously make a killing.”

  1. This post made me laugh because I thought of the exaaact same thing when I watched some of the wedding! Maybe their in style over in England, but in Canada I feel as though people would not respond well to some of those hats that add like two feet to a person’s height.

  2. I enjoyed the internet memes that occured after the fact, comparing people with hats to the pokemon they ended up resembling. It was a great source of entertainment to me.

  3. Well, I TRIED to go to that link BUT the brilliant school board blocked it…

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