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I feel like the perfect thing to own right before the Royal Wedding is a Crazy Hat Store. You’d obviously make a killing. April 30, 2011

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The title of my post is becasue I watched bits and peices of the Royal Wedding and despite the beautiful dress Kate was wearing and the singing of the alter boys that really got me going. The only thing my short attention span could ever really focus on was the amount of ridiculous hats there were. I’m not sure what it is about Royal Weddings. Actually maybe it’s just the Queen, but people feel like they need to wear a serving tray on there head. Some of these hats were so ridiculous I wondered if there was a person beneath them at all, or if the Queen had actually just invited a headless-hat-wearing-torso to the wedding.

Now some of the hats I don’t completly hate and probably would wear myself, if you know, I wore hats at all. Some of them on the other hand made we wonder what the person wearing it was thinking. Did they really role out of bed and look through there hat section of the closet and go “Ah, you see this, I feel like wearing a big squiggly bow that cascades down my face. It’s absaloutly the most sensable thing to wear.” Because I feel that’s what Princess Beatrice did when she put on her hat.


Are you ready Fish. Ready? Ready? Ready? SPIT YOUR ROCKS! April 20, 2011

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SOOOOO Basically I just got back from Chicago sunday evening and I’m proud to say that I was able to cross a lot of things off of my list, for a more updated version of the list click on this link “” Click It, Click it now… if enough people click that link, in my next blog post I will actually leave the video this title goes with… it’s actually just fish spitting rocks at me… but I’m a great narrator.


The Real Princess’ of New Joysee, Why didn’t you wear your Fox Sweater today, and I like car rides. April 19, 2011

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So basically it’s been about a week since I wrote anything, and forever since I wrote anything decent. So this post is occurring after my recent trip to Chicago! I spent most of the time with my lovely friend’s hitting up museums – and more importantly their photo booths – Because I freaking love photo booths.

Sitting here with me today is Miss Beck-eh-neck DuhamLlama and Brianne Monroodle! (Or Beckie Duhamel and Brianne Monroe as you would know them) We are currently sitting within room 523; Beckie’s Grade Nine Peer Helping class, Julia Daly would be with us if she wasn’t among the poor souls who caught the plague over in Chicago.

The title of this blog post refers to a bunch of very funny things that happened on the bus to Chicago, during Chicago or on the way home from Chicago. Bus two was possibly the best bus in all existence, it was full of very funny people and we enjoyed our adventures very much so. I seem to be having a problem, with not knowing what else to write about currently, So I’m going to hand the keyboard over to Beckie and Brianne and let them write a little somethin something ;)

Beckie and Brianne

Hahahaha I win, I’m bold and italicised :)

Shut up Brianne! I win just because I’m Beckie xD sooo dear Gabby’s followers, I’d just like to say that the fact that Gabby crashes my peer helping class on a bi-daily basis is … well… rather disruptive ;) She apparently hacked my facebook earlier and decided to message one of the kids (Dani) that is home sick.. she also likes to eat my hair/shoulder regularly… hmm… should I be worried here? Some people might be. But this is Gabby.. and it’s expected :)

Well after those little “nuggets” of wisdom I’m not really sure why you’re even still here readin this… although I must say I rather enjoyed watching both of them try to type. It was like a baby Elephant learning how to fly… it just shouldn’t happen. They were like Awkward Struggling Walrus’s in a sea of Terror.

~lol~  <— stick person drowning!!!


All my life I’ve been good but now… Woahh, I’m thinking what the hell. April 4, 2011

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Alright so I’ve mentioned Miss Beckie Duhamel a lot of times in my blog posts now, and it’s not just me. Beckie does the same thing mentioning me – or my alternate persona Betty Blast – in her blog post’s as well… now she doesn’t blog as crazily as I do… She’s even nuttier. She’s a year younger than me and we only really became friend’s earlier this year, but we’re similar in ways, you know, in the fact that we’re both super fantabulous and awesome. So if you want check her out {} She’s a really cool person, and her voice is super pretty. I’m hoping to make a colab video with her for Jar of Hearts, but for now though it remains in the talking phase. So for your listening pleasure, the vocal and piano stylings of the incredibly talented Micheal and Justin –


There are 10 Million, Million, Million, Million, Million, Million, Million, Million, Million particles in the Universe that we can observe. Your momma took the ugly ones and put them into one nerd. April 2, 2011

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Alright, I’m not saying this to be rude but WHY ARE YOU HERE? I mean since originally posting this blog post which went a little something like this

“Basically I’m not in a very pleasant mood as of the last ten minutes, I’ve had a decent day cleaning the house, dying my moms hair and just playing Tetris. I’ve also been listening to some interesting music. Like the Epic Rap Battle of History between Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s.( If you enjoy that one I suggest looking at some of the others. But be for warned, when my mom walks in and sees me talking to the computer it causes me repeat the line ‘Umm, this is Hawk-ward.” Another nifty line I’ve picked up from the song. Other than that… Nerd boys suck, cause they make you angry at life. I also don’t really feel like finishing this blog post. If I get hit by and inspirational lightning bolt anytime later today. I’ll add an update.”

This post gets on average at least 32 views a day, it’s great because sometimes people read it and explore the rest of my blog, but really I just want to know, when you searched for this on google what were you looking for. Please let me know, not knowing is starting to drag heavy on my soul and I’m beginning to look like a creep, like the one from that movie, about that girl, I don’t remember what it was called. But it also had that guy who was in that one song about summer. Anyway, please let me know, I just, can’t seem to get into the minds of you young kids anymore – and yes the 18-year-old did just say she’s old and out of date, one of the many reasons I write blogs probably – so leave me a message in the comments, what exactly did you come here for.