Happieness is a choice

You’re going to catch a cold, from the ice inside your soul. March 31, 2011

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Today’s title has been inspired by the song Jar of Hearts, which my good friend Miss Beckie Duhamel has been practicing over and overwhich is completely acceptable cause her voice and piano playing just mellows out my SOUL. yeah, she’s that good. She calms this crazy soul. It’s a rare talent. Anyways back to the story. – The song itself is really pretty and I think it might be one of the videos I use to help me complete #93 on my list of 101 things. Just a side note – 93 is sing more and post them on my YouTube channel, the one that’s covered in cobwebs and every now and then a tumbleweed rolls by, yeah that one. Well I think it’s been almost three years since I last uploaded a video, which is a real shame because that was back before I was semi not crap at singing and couldn’t read music… well I still can’t read music but sometimes I can convince myself I can. I mean I play a bit of piano. EEFGGFEDCCDEEDD… YEAH :D

Alright, so clearly when I was staring at my blog and going… it’s been like 12 hours since I last posted anything, trying to write a blog post was not the best idea. Because I seem to be having this problem with going of on a rambly tangent and never fully circling back to my topic at hand. I also feel as though I’m mentioning my 101 list every five minutes. But that’s just because I’m being a freaking champ and completing things – or getting them started – left and right!

On the side of my 101 list, and the stuff on it. I had this sudden burst of adulthood lately, I mean, I’m still my procrastinating self, and I do things like stay up way to late and eat nutella out of the jar but that’s fine and dandy – Back to being an adult – I think it might have something to do with my trench coat, it makes me feel older. I think and that’s fine with me, because as my family so kindly pointed out in nine months I will be 18 and quote “One year closer to death” unquote. Gosh I love my family. Which speaking of my sister Amy is due to have her baby any lovely day now, I would like the 7th personally… cause I really want to win that money. Help pay back my Chicago trip that happens in exactly t-minus 13 days.

Wow this blog post is jumping all around the place, and the really sad thing is I haven’t had anything to drink in the caffeine family. Sadly I’m just this crazy, and you all have to deal with that daily. I apologize to my friends and would like to thank you, for putting up with my crazy hand motions and sound effects. I would especially like to thank Steph Schneider for running around all 6 girls bathrooms with me today, writing on mirrors and having neater writing then me. It was all very helpful and writing post-its get tiresome after a while. I would kindly ask if you’re having a downer day, or just want to be told you’re beautiful to follow this link {} and read some of the messages that are so true to the heart that they made me smile writing them.

I would also like to thank Mr. Cvetich who gave me a super smiley post it note rhyme because of English class this morning, I incorporated some rhetorical questions into this particular post-it.

"Working English into Life"


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