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101 in 1001 March 26, 2011

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101 in 1001 is a list of 101 things you want to do, in 1001 days, I decided a while ago that I wanted to do this but only just got around to making my list, although I have done a few of the things on the list, I’m going to wait until they happen again after today to truly check them off the list. So here it is. The begining journey.

Started: March 26th 2011

Deadline: December 20th 2013

Items Complete: 21/101

Tasks will be shown as follows

Not Done

In Progress


    Day Zero of 1001: Creation of List

1. Donate Blood COMPLETED 4/25/11

2. Find out my Blood Type: (I’m A+)

3. Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find

4. Complete a 365 day photo challenge (0/365)

5. Send a secret to PostSecret

6. Graduate –  COMPLETED June 28th 2011

7. Visit all 50 states (3/50) (Michigan, Illinois, Indiana)

8. Treat my dog the best I can until the cancer takes her  Sadly Completed 5/3/11

9. Go on a scavenger hunt

10. Have a piece of writing published COMPLETED6/1/11 (Second front page story in the school newspaper this year)

11. Pay for Someone’s groceries

12. Take part in Operation Beautiful –  {}

13. Take a dance class

14. Take a pottery class

15. Take a baking class

16. Go to the top of a Lighthouse

17. Sing Karaoke in Public COMPLETEDin Grade 10 Vocal’s class 6/10/11

18. Meet a famous person – COMPLETED – Marianas Trench and These Kids Wear Crowns 8/25/11

19. Ride on a Ferris wheel – COMPLETED – At the Tavi fair, I went on once by myself, and a second time with Beckie who’s afraid of heights, and Ferris Wheels. 9/10/11

20. Put away 1$ for every goal completed: (7/101)

21. Donate 5$ for every goal not completed: (0/101)

22. Confront the Boy I like

23. Tip someone 100%

24. Tie a secret to a balloon and let it go

25. Cook a Julia Child recipe

26. Make a Donation to Charity

27. Write a song about someone, and sing it to them

28. Buy a pair of killer heels

29. Create a meal menu for a week and follow it

30. Ask someone out

31. Create a new Identity and live it for a day

32. Go on a Blind Date

33. Audition for something

34. Get my driver’s license

35. Watch 50 of IMDB’s top 250 movies ( 38/50) {The Dark Knight, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Matrix, Silence of the Lambs, It’s a Wonderful Life, Forest Gump, American Beauty, Amelie, The Pianist, A Clockwork Orange, To Kill a Mockingbird, Back to the Future, The Green Mile, Singin’ in the Rain, Pan’s Labryinth, Inglourious Bastards, Up, Batman Begins, The King’s Sppech, Jaws, The Wizard of Oz, The Lion King, The Sixth Sense, Donnie Darko, Toy Story, Toy Story 3, Into the Wild, Groundhog Day, Finding Nemo, How to Train Your Dragon, V for Vendetta, The Princess Bride, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, The Incredibles, Big Fish, The Truman Show, Rosemary’s Baby, Beauty and the Beast, Rain Man }

36. Send a message in a bottle

37. Visit at least 3 different museums (2/3) (The Feild Museum and The Chicago Art Institue)

38. Send flowers anonymously to a friend in need

39. Have a board game night – COMPLETED 8/12/11

40. Make and bury a time capsule

41. Plant a Tree

42. Do a polar bear dip on New Years Eve

43. Send a handwritten letter

44. Watch the Sunrise and Sunset in the same day COMPLETED 4/13/11

45. Fill all my picture frames

46. Take a kid on a Toy Shopping Spree

47. Paint every nail a different colour and leave it for a week

48. Learn American Sign Language

49. Spend a day at the beach COMPLETED 6/3/11 – Senior Skip Day ’11

50. Sell a photograph

51. Throw a dart on a map and go where it lands

52. Buy my own car

53. Do ten nice things for people without telling them (4/10)

54. Go back to school- COMPLETED 9/6/11 I went back for a fifth year at my high school

55. Sing in front of people COMPLETED 6/11/11

56. See a falling star and make a wish

57. Give a Stranger a 100 Dollar Bill

58. Have my picture taken in a photo booth COMPLETED 4/14/11 (Did it twice while I was in Chicago, Once at the feild Musuem and once at the Sears(Willis) Tower)

59. Scream at the Top of your Lungs

60. Take a hot air balloon ride

61. Inspire someone to make a 101/1001 list

62. Leave High School Behind

63. Throw a Surprise Party – COMPLETED 7/31/11

64. Ride 3 rollercoaster’s in one day

65. Watch all the Harry Potter movies in one day

66. Start a new tradition

67. Watch every episode of Criminal Minds (135/135) {COMPLETED 3/26/11}

68. Take a photo of a place over all four seasons

69. Watch 26 movies each starting with a different letter of the alphabet (26/26)  COMPLETED 5/16/11  {Alice, Back to the Future II, Chicago, Donnie Darko, Epic Movie, Forest Gump, Green Mile, How to Train Your Dragon, Into the Wild, Jungle Book, Knight and Day, Lost Room, My Super Pysco Sweet Sixteen, Nancy Drew, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Peter Pan, Q, Rain Man, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Tin Man, Up, V for Vendetta, Wild Child, X-Men Origins, You’ve Got Mail, Zathura}

70. Get a tattoo

71. Buy a lottery ticket

72. Carve my name in a tree

73. Win an Award

74. Take a trip on a train

75. Bake “The Super Epic Rainbow Cake”

76. Ride a rollercoaster that goes upside down

77. Listen to a live Jazz Band COMPLETED 4/14/11

78. Get a new pair of glasses

79. Begin keeping a journal – write an entry at least once a month

80. Draw a Mural

81. Make an inspiration board

82. Eat a meal inside a blanket fort

83. Go to the movies twice in one day

84. Go canoeing

85. Get a tarot card reading

86. Say the lines *below * and have them make sense

“Quick, follow that car”

“I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

87. Drive down Route 66

88. Visit the four corners: The only place in the United States where four states (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado) come together at one place.

89. Help create and publish my senior yearbook COMPLEETED 7/2/11

90. Lose enough weight to be happy with myself

91. Go a week without Facebook or the Internet COMPLETED 8/13-20/11 (My Computer Broke)

92. Learn to play piano

93. Make the front page of a Newspaper

94. Go an entire week without pop

95. Go an entire month without fast-food

96. Take a road trip with only left turns

97. Perform on stage

98. Start saving money

99. Write and distribute notes to all my friend’s on graduation day

100. Photograph more things in my life

101. Create a scrapbook with the memories made from this list


9 Responses to “101 in 1001”

  1. This is an amazing idea! This list must have taken a lot of time and thought to complete! I like the farrago of items that will take a longer time to complete (7. Visit all 50 states) and activities that will be easier to accomplish (71. Buy a lottery ticket). I think that number 21 on your list (Donate 5$ for every goal not completed) is brilliant! What famous person would you like to meet? I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

    • Surprisingly enough the list only took me an afternoon to write. There were a lot of things that I had an inkling for, but the 101/1001 website has a lot of great suggestions for when you’re putting together a list.

      If I could choose the famous person, I would most likely choose Matthe Gray Gubler but that’s just because I really enjoy him. I’ve met some famous authors before and they’re really nice, I keep in contact with them and if I could see one of them again I would choose Alyxandra Harvey, She’s just super sweet and dedicated to her fans. She’s really nice.

      Also, The lvoe for Buffy is deep rooted, I used to try and watch it when it was originally on tv but I remember my mom thinking it was bad for me, I always vividly remember trying to sneak and watch it while she was busy or wasn’t home.

  2. […] a lot of things off of my list, for a more updated version of the list click on this link “” Click It, Click it now… if enough people click that link, in my next blog post I will […]

  3. KimmyKup ♥ Says:

    Gabby !
    Can I join you for 31 ?
    Also, making a list like this is something I want to do at some point, so, thanks for the inspiration (:

  4. nylajoseph Says:

    You’ve done 39 & 46 in the same night, Cross them off :D

    • Yeah, but I can’t because I havn’t done them since creating the list. There’s a nice little blurb about that at the top. I mean I donated blood before, but I could only cross it off after I donated again on monday. :)

  5. Meghan Says:

    Can I take a pottery class with you? Like in all seriousness? I’ve always wanted to try it and then display my epic attempt proudly after it’s painted horribly clashing colours on purpose.

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