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What in the name of Zeus does the PrtScnSysRq Button do? March 25, 2011

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Well as I sit here with Elena and Adriana analyzing art, I’m not really compelled to write anything. There is the small fact that Elena and Chloe just taught me how to use a “Print Screen” button, something that is apparently general knowledge but has always escaped me. Now I consider myself a pretty “hip” kid but my keyboard at home is curved and the Print Screen button has always just left me wondering what the hell, “PrtScrnSysRq” were!

On a different note, I think I might give fifteen people the chance to ask me anything, then I will post the questions and the answers on here. It’s just mainly for the fact that I’m a little bit bored because… “It’s Fryday, fryday..”Hell to the NO! Stop singing this song, and any other parody of this song, because just, UGHH, can’t you tell it’s killing your insides. The minute I even heard of this song my only thought was Like baby, baby, baby… NO! It’s all the same, take a listen, all the pop stars now- a- days are just repeating a word over and over again to the same beat.

Why does the younger generation not notice this?


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