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Down at the bottom, all the things I’ve forgot. March 15, 2011

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Herm, well let’s just say that it is never a good thing for me to remember today is March 14th – or 3/14 or better yet 3.14 – which you know is pi day – at around 1134, I just pulled a pie out of my freezer and am currently munching on a piece of it, cause I couldn’t miss a day like this.  What else am I doing? Drinking no name cola out of a giant-sized coffee mug, because although I don’t drink coffee I still own a ridiculous amount of mugs. I think around 37 if I were to estimate.

The musical is over and like the rest of my crazy castmates I miss staying at the school until well into the night, but hey its march break and I’m not even currently at school.

So what does a crazy – and very bored – person like myself do on march break, you ask? Well I catch up on all the shows that I watch but haven’t been able to in a while because I got this thing called a life – it turned out to be very inconvenient to me. (To all those who can’t tell it’s late and my sarcasm and witty remarks aren’t flowing very efficiently.)

Well, this post turned into something that’s actually boring me. If I go to sleep and suddenly become clever I might come back on here, other than that I’m having a hard time being creative recently so if all else fails I might start telling you guys my dreams, cause sometimes they’re weird. And you guys star in them ;)


… in the non-creepy you-just-happen-to-be-there-to-talk-to-me; kind of way.


One Response to “Down at the bottom, all the things I’ve forgot.”

  1. i never knew about piday :(

    i wish i did… i would have really enjoyed a pie.
    i hope you LOVED yours!!

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