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Post winter and it’s almost freaking march break blues. March 8, 2011

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Footloose is over, and I have my afternoons back. It’s a weird thing actually going home on my bus and seeing the sunlight during the day because I wake up in the morning before the sun has decided to shine out on the world, and with Footloose rehearsals I had been going home around 7-8 o clock when the sun had already gone away.

 And I swear to gosh Meghan Drummond if you ever have the leg shakes again while wearing your zipper pants I will cut them into zipper shorts.

Alright back to what this blog post was about… which is nothing really. For all of you out there who are actually friends with me and you talk to me on a regular basis then I’m going to annoy the crap out of you and mention Sir… more… in a blog post, well really I’ve never mentioned sir in a blog post but I thought that maybe I should BUT right Now I’m creeping Chloe out by staring over at her while typing – Add to the creepiness one rapeface and you have a very productive Writer’s craft class.

Alright back to Sir, I haven’t written about him because I haven’t really done a blog post in a while, at least one that wasn’t all doom and sad with a cloud drawn in gray crayon with a sad face hanging over top of it… yes I did just say that line, can you tell it’s been a while since I last blogged my loyal minions. Wow, maybe I should come on here more, but at the same time I shouldn’t because I really have to do better on school work and…. BACK TO SIR!

Alright, so Sir, what can I say about him that you don’t already now. Well everything, my loyal blog readers don’t know Sir and guess what, you won’t. Like any good person who wants to not let her crush now she write’s about him in blog posts like a creep – I’m a creep I accept that and there’s nothing to deny – I’m going to call him Sir. I also call him Sir to his face, and there’s a whole big joke that goes back to Footloose, but you don’t need to worry your pretty little faces about that. The only thing I’m going to tell you for now is there’s this boy I happen to like, his name is Sir. Enjoy :)

He is aware by the way that I like him, so it’s not like I can really scare him away by telling him that, if anything the ball is currently lying in a patch of grass on his side of the court and I’m waiting for him to make some kind of attempt to lob it back to me… alright this post is getting werid, not that some of you don’t already think I’m weird, or have just lost all hope in me, but I should stop cause hey – I do still have to put up with you guys for atleast 3 more months.


3 Responses to “Post winter and it’s almost freaking march break blues.”

  1. Meghan Says:

    oh gaby, oh sir. <3

  2. Sir, Sir, would you *door opens sir walks in* Uhhhhh….*rachel dies on floor* Good god i love you gaby!

  3. I dislike you both :P

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