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This is what happens when they give us freedom. February 21, 2011

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Alright, so the titles is a little misleading, freedom – who’s giving you freedom? Is it your parents? Do you get to do things? Well the answers to those questions would be; The Education system, No, and Sure?

Alright, beginning with the education system; When you take a course online you expect it to be a little bit different then how you are used to things but I have to say that I like it a lot better than normal classes. Alright, sure, I’m just taking the one course and if I were taking all of my courses online then I would probably have a different opinion, but with just the one course online I find that I like not having to worry about doing work all throughout the week. I can log on anytime I want, anytime I have a free 15 minutes and work on getting everything done – that’s something you can’t do with a normal class. Just pop in for 15 minutes around 3 in the morning, I’m pretty sure any teacher would not be pleased. But here it is the end to the second week of my online course and I actually enjoyed doing all the work.

Now granted that it is a bit more difficult especially when your life gets busy and logging on to do more work just doesn’t seem like anything you want to do, there’s also the whole downside of being a verbal learner – sure you can read something over and over again and copy the words into your note-book but do you actually understand anything that you just read. Which is where the joy of freedom comes in. This morning I got together Katrina Mitchell with she’s a good friend of mine and I find that I truly enjoyed being able to work with her one on one. Where she didn’t understand more of the simple things and was over thinking stuff, I was able to understand what was happening. She was very useful however in the fact that I can’t draw a decent stick person and we were being asked to design t-shirts, so I was thankful to have her. Our minds worked perfectly together – surprising for two teenagers on a sunday morning – and whenever something didn’t fit for one the other was able to explain it. Now I know most of you are thinking – Woopdi froople doo, but hey, I like this online course so… NEH!

Next on to my parents and freedom as well as doing things, cause I guess that can all fit into the same  semi-coherent sentence. My parents are not that strict of parents, they expect us to get decent grades and to not be genius’ in everything – most importantly they’re pretty lax with the rules. Once I get my G2, I’m allowed to borrow the car as long as I ask first and it’s back in the driveway by 3 am – the time my dad goes to work. I agree with my parents on a lot of things, and we’re similar in some ways that it’s scary – I look a bit like my mom and share my dads same humor. The only thing I’m happy I didn’t get from them was their anger – They’re not super anger people but when I see them get mad over the stupidest things I just don’t understand where all this pent-up rage is coming from. Examples: A guy swerves in traffic; Yelling and swearing ensues. But guess what? He can’t hear you, the only person who can is me, and really his driving doesn’t affect you. Unless of course he swerves in front of us and causes a crash in which case go on with your bad self and yell.

I think I could go on forever with the little things that wind my parents up, but I think I’ll end on a happy note; something that everyone in my family enjoys – Really good humor at the expense of my mum. This next little bit is an actual event that happened a few Sundays ago while in the kitchen with my Mum and My sister Amy.

Mom: Don’t leave that in the oven to long, nothings worse than burnt garlic bread.
Me: Except maybe the Holocaust.
Amy: She’s got you there mom.

Needless to say my mom tried to save herself multiple times after this, but the rest of my family announced; I had won the battle AND the war.


4 Responses to “This is what happens when they give us freedom.”

  1. Meghan Says:

    What online course are you taking?
    and I’m going to say this: i think we give ourselves freedom. yes, our elders are the ones saying hey go do this, but its our choice to say yea, i’ll follow your rules so you’l trust me more then grant more freedom.

    • I’m taking Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society. Basically a big fancy way of saying I’m going to look at how people work together and seperatly, there personal relationships and how they develop.

  2. the halocaust isn’t funny. But I’m loling at your conversation.

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