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Gliding on Soapy Heels. February 5, 2011

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I’m bored and therefor the only truly logical thing to do is Blog. Well not really, it’s actually probably a really bad idea cause it’s getting late and my posts never make any sense when I’m awake. But still I’m bored and this my audience makes me feel as though we’re having a conversation, cause you know – manly nose sniff- I’m feeling socially deprived.

That’s partly my fault, well not really “my” fault more my immune systems fault. See what happened is I’m usually a healthy person, but atleast once a year my body decides to screw me over and give me a week or so of being sick. Well this time my body decided that it really wanted to hate me, and it gave me this really nice little lung infection. Now to make matters clear, it’s not the lung infection that’s bad, in fact the lung infection is almost all cleared up. But now I have this awsome Throat Infection with is kinda worse, because my throats swollen and if I don’t take my anitbiotics and spend atleast 9 hours everyday with my humidifire I could stop breathing. Which is something that I don’t like, or plan on doing anytime soon.

For all of you who have a new humidifer or have never had the pleasure of having a humidifier, what it does is takes all the water that you have to pour into it, and turns it into a steady stream of airy water that it releases into your room, so that the air is always wet, and your throat never gets dry. It supposedly helps your lungs work better, but the only thing it seems to be sucessful at is soaking my floor with its settling water air and being probably the only thing more annoying than the keyboard typing I mentioned in my last post. I think it’s my humidifer though, it’s a really great and historical peice from the late 80’s that I’m pretty sure my parents recived as a baby shower gift for my older sister.

Wow, I’ve just paused to change my music – currently on a soothing playlist of people you have never heard of but something I will include links of at the bottom of this page – and realized that I’ve written almost a completly normal lengthed post on me being sick, that’s deffinetly not pleasent for you reader. Not pleasent at all. Well, lets try and prevent something like this from happening again. Give me suggestions for my next topic to write on?

Bless your face, if you sneezed while reading this, bless you – Toby Turner

Music Listening (I suggest listening to atleast the first two, if you like those continue on)


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