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I’m gonna come at you like a spider monkey January 27, 2011

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Hewr… I don’t really have anything to post but it seems like the rest of you are pouring your heart and souls out and I really wish I had some head phones because the tip tap-tap of your keyboards is driving me slowly insane.. I think it’s something you should all experience. Just the sound of 20 plus people all typing away on a keyboard. I think just out of anger I might Karate Chop mine *mju7 * there I just did. You didn’t even notice did you, nope because you can’t hear me… over your friggin keyboards.

Wow, this really is a bunch of nothing, but to be honest, I usually write a bunch of nothing, wrap it up with a nice little bow, and through it at your face. And then you just have to sit back and accept it. Or don’t but if you didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this and suffering through this, and then your life might have a little bit more of a meaning… Did that sentence even make sense? No most likely not.

Because of the recent video during the winter assembly I’ve tried to write this whole post with just two fingers, and it’s Mother Falcon hard. So i’ve given up. But don’t think I give up on things so easily, there are some things that I truly want. Still this post is nothing and now I’ve done my little rant to you, which I think must be just a little bit annoying, but hey, if I don’t assault your faces constantly I won’t have a chance.


4 Responses to “I’m gonna come at you like a spider monkey”

  1. KimmyKup ♥ Says:

    I like the sound of people typing / could have given you me headphones.
    None the less, this post amuses me xD
    I’ll vote for you ! Even though I won’t be here next year to see you in action =(

  2. avethomson Says:

    Unique I for one actually enjoy the sound of keyboards typing I think it’s relaxing.

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