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Everyone dislikes timmies… I’m working at a bar :{D January 22, 2011

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I’ve heard the horror stories from everyone past, present and future. The staff is horrible, the customers rude and one time a guy kicked me in the shins for no reason; and so even thought I was desperate for a job, I was still not that thrilled about timmies. I am however happy to report, that within twenty minutes of handing in my resume at the new Tavi Pub, I was called and hired. So complete shift in that somewhat unhappy note – My first shift is next friday.

I’m elated to have this job, and can’t wait to start working. Although, I now work along side my pregnant 23 year old sister which basically makes me… her bitch – But hey! it’s money that I am currently in desperate need of, for my trip, a car and of course saving up for college. And while I’m not 18 yet and therefore can’t be a server, I still get to work in the kitchen making food, doing prep, and of course… WASHING DISHES!


**Sidenote: think to yourself teenager and a new job, give it 5 mont… weeks, and she’s complaining about how much she hates it. Well just wait doubtful readers, there will be a part two to this story.


One Response to “Everyone dislikes timmies… I’m working at a bar :{D”

  1. All the horror stories you hear about Tim Hortons are 100% true, just throwing it out there…

    Congrats on the new job =]

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