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This is Bigger than Us. January 15, 2011

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And I feel like I’m breaking up, and I wanted to stay.

 Headlights on the hillside, don’t take me this way.

I want you to hold me, I want you to pray.

This is Bigger than Us.


Melanie was standing at the counter; her long auburn hair was fluttering as the rusty coffee shop fan hit her in the face with a warm blast of air. The shop was a bustle of activity, alive with busy executives’ and wanna be artists, but it was something about the sign outside that had first drawn Melanie in, since then the coffee shop had always been her perfect tornado of caffeine and pastries. Melanie turned around on that Thursday afternoon to drink her coffee and people watch, but before she could find a seat her Eyes began to scan the shop, looking but not really seeing; searching, seeking.  Her eyes first located a businessman with thin framed glasses and hair combed over to hide his ever-growing bald spot. Her eyes skipped, eager to find someone else to analyze, over there by the door. A young couple holding hands and staring lovingly into each others eyes, “what must they think of themselves?” Melanie spoke out loud, and “The same all children think. That love will with stand all.” although she had been speaking to herself Melanie was not surprised when someone answered her, what did surprise her was the familiarity of the voice.

She turned preparing herself to face the voice and the man who belonged to the voice. Standing there in a pale grey suit with slightly dishevelled hair was Greggor, his once vibrant green eyes now dull and listless, were also purple in appearance as though he had not slept in years. And for all Melanie knew, maybe he hadn’t, the seconds ticked pasted slowly, like molasses. After a minute Melanie finally found the strength to speak “How sad, for one day all children must grow up and learn the cruelty of the world?” Greggor was quick with his rebuttal, he rattled off “Some children never grow up, just grow old.” Melanie has been stunned into silence, into thinking; she stared at Greggor’s face, closely examining it. The way his whole face was pinched like he was perpetually waiting for bad news, his tired eyes making him sad and some what hollow. Melanie searched his eyes seeking the happy Greggor she knew, the one that was now locked away behind a deep brick wall. Time ticked by, the commotion in the shop slowing until, there was nothing, nothing in the shop but Melanie, and Greggor, and those green eyes. 

A tray fell in the background, glass clattering onto the floor, shattering and exploding like a supernova. Everything returned it wasn’t just Melanie and Greggor, there was a world out there, a world full of cruelty and unfairness waiting just outside the door, but in here it was as if the world was stopped in its tracks. Inside the coffee shop felt like home, no, that wasn’t right. Melanie thought about it harder; it wasn’t inside the coffee shop, it had never felt like home, just a resting place, and a place to pass the time. But she hadn’t felt this way in a long time, she looked up into those green eyes, now showing some of their true colour and Melanie realized, it was Greggor.

 It was Greggor that kept it all away, and it was Melanie that had kept Greggor away.


One Response to “This is Bigger than Us.”

  1. Angel Says:

    Very well put if I do say so myself.

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