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It’s just a drama thing – the sequel to Questopolypse. January 15, 2011

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Alright  *Huge aspirated sigh* so as a person who has about a “million” (exageration, I know I know) different things to do right now and absolutely NO, motivation to do them. This is what I’m giving you.

A brief little glimpse into everything I do, when I’m not doing things. Because as of last night I used up all of my creative juices writing a plot for the Senior Drama classes children’s play. Being that I love writing and look to it as something that I can do when I’m older – for a job or just for recreation –  I want everyone’s opinion on this plot, I don’t have any characters listed because, they will only be used if this plot is agreed upon, which won’t be decided until sometime next week, so help me while you can. Anything I can tweak?

The basic premise would be set in the high school environment with the stereotypical mean girls. You would have the mean girls teasing the outcasts of the school, and by outcasts I mean the perfectly normal and quirky student body. The principal (narrator in disguise) would call the mean girls out on their bullying and tell them that it can get them into a lot of trouble. The mean girls go off clearly disappointed about having been stopped by the principal, they head into the forest (which would be key location two) and sit around at their nightly princess meeting, where they talk about the upcoming dance as well as how cruel the world is to them – their parents putting them on a budget, no cute guys being at school etc. The girls discuss how life would be so much better if they got everything they wanted and they were allowed to do anything they wanted. Snow White begins talking about a story her mother once told her off, of an evil sorceress (Merla) who wanted nothing than to rule the world, but she was overpowered and locked away in a place called the “shadow realm” for a thousand years. Snowy goes on to say that “it was said that if anyone ever freed the sorceress that she would be in their debt” the girls look at each other in amazement, as Snow white produces a box from her bag clearly marked Shadow Realm. The girls summon forth the sorceress.

After the sorceress appears and discusses the Shadow Realm for a while with the girls, she goes on to tell them that she will grant them any wish they want, as long as they do something for her in return. She tells them (quickly) the story of her and her brothers’ feud and that if they get her magic button back, well wishes. The girls disperse and agree to start looking for the button in the morning. Cinderella is left standing in the forest, lagging behind the rest of the girls. It appears as though she is talking to herself but as she turns it is clear she has a –Bluetooth, walkie talkie, bird, cell phone – in her hand, and is talking to a mysterious unnamed character she refers to only as boss. The other princesses call for her to catch up and she runs of the scene. A narrator would exit a tree and talk about what a tangled web we weave, they would rewind time and switch to a different set of characters and what they were doing while the princess’s met. It would be a group of the outcasts (not specifying for reasons) they would be hanging out and talking of how cruel the mean girls are, and why no one wants to be friends with them, Fairies will come out hearing the children’s trouble the fairies would explain to the children that they have each other and they need to stand up to the mean girls, and show that they’re not afraid.

Switch to another scene back in the forest, Fairy God Mother is meeting with the “boss” from Cinderella’s phone conversation who is revealed to be Merlin; he is the head of Fictional Characters Against The Harassment Of Other Characters Of The Fictional Variety or FCATHOOCOTFV for short. Merlin talks with FGM about Cinderella and her undercover operation, how she’s working slowly to turn them over to the side of good and the news she reported tonight. FGM reveals to Merlin that their worst fears have come true and Merla has been freed from the Shadow Realm. Merlin tells FGM that she has to be very careful and look out for the young non princess children, or else she could lose her God Mother status.

Later back at school class is in session and as the teacher turns around it is revealed he’s a narrator. The children again point out that he looks familiar but he denies it and continues on with the lesson. The children shrug it off and being talking, passing notes and such. The bell rings and it’s time for lunch, as lunch starts the mean girls again begin to cause trouble but this time, the outcasts are not standing for it. Fairy God Mother appears in the middle of the fight, and begins talking to the children, after many confused looks it has dawned on FGM that she has appeared at the wrong moment in time – she quickly tells the children she’ll be back later and walks of the scene. After the confusion it is shown that the Outcasts have banded together and are standing up for themselves, clearly surprised the mean girls just start to get meaner and meaner. When Cinderella suggests they stop and that hurting other people is wrong, the group turns on her, making fun of her and generally hurting her feels. When one of the outcasts stands up for Cinderella (surprising even her) Cindy decides to denounce her friendship and hang out with the outcasts. The mean girls leave in a huff and go to the forest to see Merla.

Once they meet with Merla they tell her the whole story, but Merla seems more interested in Fairy God Mother, and the betrayal of Cinderella. Merla goes to Cinderella’s house and curses her for betraying her friends when Cinderella, protests and says that they were never truly her friends, Merla casts a spell on her turning her into Tuskerella. Still obsessed with Looks Cindy believes that her new friend’s will not want to hang out with her and her new appearance. And decides to stay home and not go to the dance that night. The dance starts without Cindy and the mean girls spend the entire night making everyone else feel bad. The play ends…. HOLD ON WAIT A MINUTE. A narrator comes onto the frozen scene yelling about how the play can’t end like that that this is a fairy tale. The other narrator also enters the scene and agrees about the horrible ending. Narrator one goes on and on about how good needs to win out over evil, and while N2 nods his head in the end he shouts, snaps his fingers and yells “I’ve got it! I know exactly what this scene is missing… A DRAGON. A dragon then appears onstage and beings to terrorize the dance goers. N1 pauses the scene and says I don’t think so, after huddling together – much discussion and a relative “Oh… that makes sense” from N2 they rewind time back to Cindy’s house.

This time Fairy God Mother appears at Cindy’s house and convinces her that it doesn’t matter what she looks like on the outside as long as she likes herself. She gives Cindy a dress and says you can change on the way… they two disappear of the set. Return to the dance, Cinderella shows up, dressed beautifully everyone gasps at her strange new appearance, but the outcast still accept her as it is, saying “you’re still the same person on the inside, and that’s the you that matters to us.” The mean girls begin to think about themselves and wonder if it truly is what’s on the inside that matters. They begin to apologize to the outcasts when Merla shows up. She tells the girls to stop that and there’s nothing better than being mean and she tempts them with their wildest dreams. The princesses seem torn between wanting everything and wanting true friendship. Before they can make their decision thought Merlin appears. Merla is automatically put off at the appearance of GASP – her brother – And although she begins to speak about evil Merlin stops her. He goes on to say that seeing the children being able to forgive each other and learn to get along has changed his view of the world. He hands over what Merla has been searching for. It’s her magic button, Merla stares at her brother in disbelief and the two agree to end their long standing hatred towards each other, and two finally get along. The scene ends and everyone is happy – FREZZE.

The narrators’ come out and agree that is a much better ending, N2 looks a little bit disappointed and so N1 nods and N2 looks happy he begins to say things like “really? You mean I can do it?” N1 responds with “okay but only this once” and with a snap of his fingers a Dragon appears at the dance.

 The End.


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