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I feel popular… well that’s a new one December 11, 2010

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Yeah, it’s true I feel like people actually read this blog, and why is that, oh because I am constantly checking my stats, seeing how many views I get, how people are getting to my blog, and more importantly which posts they’re reading.

Now this doesn’t seem important, hell it isn’t important but I still find myself drawn into checking and checking and checking to see how “popular” I am… and now that I’ve gotten that little rant out-of-the-way, well It’s time to address the matters at hand. I need to write more news stories… cause I don’t have any of those and because I’m not a serious person and this blog is mostly for fun, my mark will suffer, not that it’s suffering now or that my mark dictates what I write… but I still would like to do fairly well in this class.

Which is really what this blog comes down to, you’re here because I’m here, and I’m here, because… well the reason I took writer’s craft is unclear, I think it’s because I like lieing, and when you’re a good liar it’s easy to write stories, that sound realistic…but I think it has more to do with me liking the word craft.


Dear God, and Dear Lord, and Dear Vague Muscular Man with a Beard or a Sword.

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**Contains some material that may be offence to you… sorry.

At my birthday party we happened to turn on the tv at around 3 in the morning and the comedy channel flashed onto the screen, know I have heard of Bo Burnham before, but I haven’t listened to him in a while, and after hearing such lines as

“Cause I wanted me name in lights. When I could have fed a family of four for forty fucking fort nights, forty fucking fort nights.” 

“For 15 cents a day you can feed an african child – pause – they eat pennies”

“Old people’s skin sags because their being pulled towards the underworld.”

I’ve been left wondering, oh how in the hell has my life remained incomplete without him. He’s a cutie, a nerd who started out on YouTube his first song I ever heard – my whole family thinks I’m gay – which despite the title will make you laugh… or maybe the title implies that.

I think with my ever so large pause from blogging I have lost my creative edge, or it may be the fact that I am so drained, with running grad photos, seniors feast, FOHM, Gift of Love, Musical Auditions, Church performances, yearbook picture-taking and just for the first time being in class this week I’m so tired and my voice so gone, that I think they’re both inside me beating up creativity with large metal poles. And they probably have every right to, although I think if we’re going to be blaming any of my many sides, that my ego and self-importance have played large positions in this weeks shenanigans. Herm blogging.

big long and somewhat awkward pause as I trolled the internet looking for something to listen to, but eventually I found it… and it led to well, this…

Nothing, that’s exactly it, I’ve come up with nothing I’m much more interested in listening to my music, I have nothing to inform you of, you are your own people, and what people we are with in the last few days I have been ambushed with how smart some of the peo… I wrote out this paragraph and basically was a huge bitch, I didn’t really care about being a bitch because, it’s my opinion and if you don’t like well then, that’s your problem, but I am so sick and tired of listening to some of the people at our school even talk and what I wrote was so bad that I think if you even tried to respond anger would explode throughout your entire body and you would be so enraged that you would dragon kick a baby in the face.

I’m not a generally angry pers… alright so again I tried to write a normal sentence about myself – you know being the selfish egotistical person I am *winkwink* – and it somehow got back on topic of how much I currently dislike people… maybe if I just try talking about something nonchalant… like snow. Snow is alright, I guess, I mean, I don’t really like it that much, it’s wet and cold, and ruins my socks, and makes my pant legs all wet, and then, there’s the jerks that throw snow at me while I’m just talking to some leveners, and basically what I guess I’m trying to say about snow is that…  it’s time to end this sentence.


p.s. that song I was listening to – Bo Burnham’s Catholic Rant

All the seats at the Sunday mass is
Filled with the masses mass of asses
Classes pass as fast as molasses
Ceremonial reading glasses
Read a little bit Leviticus
All the kids are a little too little for this
All the parents nod in agreement
I think I can vaguely see what he meant
It’s too early in the morning glory
To read another allegoried story
The father reads a little bit farther
Assuring the assured that they need not bother
When god, in verse 45, says that slaves are ok to buy
He meant that people all from the start
Each have slaves within their hearts
Things that we have sold or bought
That are forced to pick our morale cotton
God calls us to set these free
Free our hearts from slavery
And then as god goes on to explain
The logistics of buying and selling slaves

He was messing around… jesu…je…jesus is sort of, like…      

In the back I sit and I nod
To the beats that are bumpin from my iPod
My god they’re startin to pray
And over the music I can hear them say
Dear god, and dear lord
Dear vague muscular man with a beard or a sword
Dear good all seeing being
My way or the highway Yahweh
The blue balled anti masterbater
The great all loving faggot hater
I’d like to thank your holy mic for
Making me both rich and white and
Though this is your day of rest
I come to you with one request
There’s so much pain beyond this steeple
Wars and drugs and homeless people
sadness where there should be joy
Hate and rape and Soulja Boy
A world in darkness needs your light
So I’m sure your schedules pretty tight
But my dog just had leg surgery
If you could fix that first


Debra Messing’s fingers in a holey place
Hail Mary full of grace
Obama could you pass some hope to the pope
I know a couple dudes who wanna elope
See the church said nope so the bros can’t cope
The bros can grow but the bros can’t cope
They’ve been in love and they’ve been addicted
Who said they shouldn’t been addicted
‘Cuz in the holy land of the lord
Is the holy landlord and dicks are evicted
‘Cuz you can be a benedict
If you’ve been a dick under Benedict but
You can’t have been a dicks
Because there’s only one pope
And only one dick what
Yeah a dick on a pope is
Just like a soap on a rope
‘Cuz it’s pointless unless in prison
Throw up your Bibles Christ has risen
Hallelujah now it’s raining men
Because the gender ratio’s 1 to 10
Winos at the eucharist station
Transgendered substatiation
Jesus wasn’t the messiah
Get back I’m a heretic and I’m on fire
It was Oedipus those holy nights
The holy mother fucking Christ
I’m a blasphemer post Katrina cruisin’ the marina
On crusade to cruise aids and blast FEMA
You’re too late but fuck we don’t need ya

Amen. In the name of the father, son and holy ghost

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes. 

Turn up your nose, strike that pose

Hey Macarana!


It’s My Birthday, Britch! December 1, 2010

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…and that is all…