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Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire November 22, 2010

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The title has nothing to do with the post, the story began almost 5 years ago… it still doesn’t have an ending. Enjoy.



Dawn Schwartentruber was sitting at home, bored out of her mind. It was the end of summer and only one more day to do something fun before school started on Tuesday. Both of her best friends had gone away for the weekend, leaving Dawn home to rot with her family. It actually wasn’t as bad as it she made it sound, Dawn’s mom was out grocery shopping, her father was a successful Nero-surgeon and was currently away on business and her little sister, had gone to a friend’s house. Dawn was just frustrated that her 2 closest friends had left her with nothing to do this weekend. That is, unless she wanted to go for a walk, but even then, there was nothing to do in the village of Thamesville, especially on a Sunday afternoon.

Dawn was 16 years old, the baby of her group. She had a big, friendly face (when she smiled, which was rarely) and pale green eyes like the colour of the sky on a summer’s day, with specs of yellow splashed throughout the irises. She was average height and build, with dark brown hair that wasn’t straight but wasn’t curly; it sort of did its own thing in a wavy like structure and went several inches past her shoulders. She did fine in school but her parents always nagged her about grades saying that she was definitely not reaching her “potential” but the only thing Dawn cared about was Drama. She was rather reserved until she got to know someone and even with her best friend’s was highly secretive. She was extremely organized, and tended to freak out over little things like her friends messy bedrooms. She loved to read books and could devour a 700 page novel in a matter of hours.

Dawn tossed her hair over her shoulder and got up to go make popcorn. She was watching a movie in the living room of her new two storey house. The family had just moved across town, from their boring old bungalow to an upscale new home. Dawn liked this house, although the thought of living in a subdivision was gloomy and she believed it stripped people of all individuality; she still loved that she had her own bathroom. The kitchen overlooked a fake lake, the lake at the time of construction seemed like a great idea to the developers and they believed it might draw more people into the subdivision, although it hadn’t helped much. It was the size of a small pond, and the location had been a terrible choice because the dirt and debris from the construction never settled so even thought there was a tint of blue, it was the same colour as mud.

Dawn looked at the fancy new microwaves screen. Still 2 minutes till her popcorn was done. While waiting for her popcorn Dawn thought about the movie she had chosen “The Haunting Hour” she then sighed, knowing that if her friends were watching it with her, everything said or done would become a sexual innuendo that only they would get. Dawn’s dog Adriana walked into the room at a tired pace and headed of course for the door. Dawn let her outside and craned her head around the frame to stare two houses down. If she squinted, she could see it. “It” being the house where her bestfriend, Danielle lived. She looked the other way, again two houses down to see the house where her other bestfriend, Becca lived. The microwave beeped, snapping Dawn back to life. She closed the door, getting rid of all the warm summer air rushing in, turned to get her snack and watch a movie alone, because her friends had left her.

                                                                *          *            *             *        *

                Rebecca McDermott walked down the side street of the small town. She had an ice cream cone in one hand and a dog leash in the other. She basked in the warm glow of the summer sun, tossing around her dirty blonde hair in the fresh summery breeze. The brown mutt that walked at her heels barked as they rounded the corner and saw swimmers sitting on the beach. Becca and her family had gone to their cottage for the weekend.

                Becca was slightly taller than average, with a build to match. She was 17 years old and had hair that was straight, dirty blonde hair with natural blonde streaks, that on a good day brushed the top of her shoulders. Her eyes tended to change from bright blue to dull grey, depending on what she was wearing. She had a huge friendly smile she loved to show off to everyone, including complete strangers. She was smart, shy and friendly. She usually had an extremely peppy attitude, and could brighten anyone’s day just by rubbing off her high spirits. She illuminated with a positive attitude on life.  She also loved to study and learn new things but her main passions in life where Horses and her friends. Becca smiled as she watched a few kids playing in the water. Her family cottage was on Lake Erie, near Turkey Point, and they always walked into town before leaving for the season. Becca finished off her ice cream cone and tossed the napkin into a trash can.

She walked a little further, and decided she was close enough to the cottage to let her dog, Brock, off his leash. She watched him run into the water, chasing after swimmers but dashing out whenever a wave came in. Becca wished that she could have brought her friends up to the cottage but because it was a family thing no friends were aloud on the biannual visits, because of this rule there was nothing fun to do. Since the only sibling Becca had was her 21 year old step-sister Lynn who just so happened to have left for University in the UK the week earlier, Becca thought the no friend rule should be lifted. She sighed, thinking of her friends and what they would be doing right know if they were all together made her sad, so she pushed the thought right out of her mind. She pulled her sunglasses off the top of her head, brushed her bangs out of the way, then took off after her dog as he dashed out of the water and headed for home at a run.

                                                                *          *            *             *        *

                The rain poured down onto the baseball field, washing away with it any hopes the Thamesville Tigers had of winning the game. The spectators were all either waiting in their cars, or building shelters out of umbrellas. The dripping players were caked in mud, soaked to the bone and so many of them were ready to quit. Danielle Mordant however sat in the dugout, trying to scrape some mud off of her cheek. The team only had to go through one more inning before the torturous game was over. The sky was grey and dark, reflecting her mood and the moods of all the players around her and just like them, Danielle wished she could go home.

You see Danielle and her baseball team, the Thamesville Tigers, had not had the greatest season, so when the coach had found out about this tournament, for teams that wanted to play more games, everyone had jumped at the chance to go to Charleston for the weekend. However, no one had thought to look at the weather channel. The whole weekend, the team had been playing in muddy downpours. With a sigh Danielle stood and put her hat back on. She would finish this game just like all her others, doing her best. She was 17, and always tried her best at everything she did. She was a very loud person, not afraid to let everyone know how she was feeling, but she was also one of the kindest people ever, once you scraped away the rough edges. She was extremely moody, and if you caught her happy you were lucky. She did well in school and she was amazing in art and music, but was failing Math. She had dark brown hair with a layer of red underneath, cut an inch or two above her shoulders and was styled straight but edgy at the same time. She was short for her age but man did she have curves in all the right places, and dark green eyes she referred to as “jungle moss”.

                Danielle jumped to her feet, ready to embrace the rain she jogged onto the field to the pitcher’s mound, and thought of how having her friends here could make this lousy day so much better. They wouldn’t care how wet they got; they’d still support her and make it fun, coming up with creative cheers or dances and with the help of Becca’s high spirits everyone including Danielle wouldn’t be so gloomy. That was Danielle’s last thought however before she prepared herself to strike some more kids out with her fastball.

Chapter One

          Monday morning was foggy, damp and dull, but the sun had already started to penetrate the clouds that sat like lumps in oatmeal on the horizon. The fog had already dissipated quite a bit by the time Dawn left her house for the short walk to the middle of the street. She was early, and waited a few minutes before Danielle showed up. Without saying anything Becca burst into the two of them full of pep and happiness…like always. The three of them were going shopping to pick out the outfits they would wear on the first day of school. They walked back up Dawn’s drive way and got into her 1964 ford falcon in saffron yellow. Her friends loved the car and because Dawn wasn’t old enough to drive yet they always got the pleasure of doing so.

The three of them took off like a bullet to get to the mall the minute it opened. Being as great as they were, the girls knew exactly what stores to go to first, and which ones to stay clear off completely. Danielle and Becca loved designer clothing but Dawn was a more random person and could care less about who designed her clothes. They swung into the first open parking spot near the front entrance and dashed across the road just in time to meet the security guard opening the door. With smiles all except Dawn’s and a flaunt they entered the mall and took off running. First stop Needle and Thread, the best shop in the store from designer clothing to no-name they had it all. Grabbing everything in sight the girls entered the change rooms.

The first to emerge was Danielle with skinny jeans, a Paramore tee, neon green flats and a bronze charm bracelet on, she looked stunning but then again anything Danielle wore made her look stunning. Next to emerge from the changing room was Becca with flair jeans in faded sky blue and an Zambercroby & Cinch shirt with blue sneakers and no jewellery she looked better than she already did. Last to emerge running out of the change room screaming with joy was Dawn. Dawn stopped screaming when she saw the panicked look on her friends faces and calmly said to them “Down three pant sizes”. Dawn always thought she was at a healthy weight but when the doctor told her she could become diabetic soon she changed her ways and spent every free second not spent with her friends during the summer exercising.

So she and her friends were very proud to hear that and although some of her weight loss habits worried Becca and Danielle they knew if they kept a close watch on her things would never get out of control. Along with her new pants size Dawn was wearing a typical shirt combination of a black long sleeve shirt with a cotton t in royal blue on top. They headed over to Keller’s to buy some school supplies. Each of the girls picked their list of stuff to get and also a colour. Danielle’s list consisted of pencils, paper, binders and erasers. Dawn’s list was backpack’s and art supplies, and finally Becca’s list was pencil cases and munchies for their party later. They synchronized their watches for half an hour and said to meet at the register.

 Danielle thought her list was pretty easy until she walked into the isle, her jaw dropped with how many choices there were. She finally, after 10 minute of looking picked out everything she wanted, the pencils were good ones that would last long, the binders were durable and doodleable and the erasers were, well erasers. Dawn had picked out the backpacks, she of course got a messenger bag in yellow her designated colour, Danielle’s was a one shoulder strapped bag in green and Becca’s was a two strapped bag in blue. The art supplies Dawn picked out were different, there were two normal sets and then as a special gift she got a professional kit for Danielle.

When Becca walked up to the counter to find Dawn and Danielle struggling to hold everything she laughed and told them to put it all in the cart, and as they looked down they realized there were three solid colours, yellow, green and blue. The girl’s laughed and thought about all the people who had made comments on how their stuff matched all their other stuff, but the girl’s didn’t care it’s just something they did. As the line to the register moved forward and the girls where in second place behind an elderly women who had what looked like a million coupons, Dawn told Becca and Danielle that she would be right back. However when she returned 5 minutes later she was not empty handed, she now held a black box with a white bow on top. Danielle was just about to question the box when the elderly women in front of them left and it was their turn to check out.

The girls were frequent shoppers at the mall and had been since the day it opened 5 years ago, they were not ones to be carrying around a million bags so after the mall installed a locker area the girl’s purchased 3 lockers tore down the walls and made one big locker where they stored all their bags of already purchased items. After stashing away today’s bags the girls walked to the food court, where Dawn saw a new store out of the corner of her eye and slowly floated away from her friends. Becca and Danielle kept on walking until they noticed she was no longer with them. They looked around frantically only to spot her in a new book store (of course). They ran over to ask her what she was doing just to find her frozen in amazement. Danielle screamed in her ears and slapped her in the face but Becca being the brilliant girl she was simply said “Dawn look a hot Grungy Guy”. Quickly snapping to she said “Ooo where?”

 Her friends simply laughed at her. Danielle started looking at some anime books around them and Becca wandered freely around the store, so Dawn continued browsing, only to come across a single copy of “Lenovo” a book that wasn’t even supposed to be on the shelves for another 4 months. She rushed over to the counter completely awe-struck by the book, only to be greeted by the hottest guy she’d ever seen in a book store, or anywhere for that matter. He had shaggy brown hair, high cheeks bones, a perfect nose, and piercing green eyes that you could just get sucked into. As he checked out the woman in front of him he sealed the deal with an amazing crooked smile.

 Her friends came over to check on her because she was practically drooling on the counter and once they saw him they couldn’t blame their friend for doing so. As Dawn stood there still in shock, the guy just looked at her like she was a complete space case and finally asked in a tired and flat voice if he could “help” her. Snapping out of the fantasy world that she often travelled into she handed him the book nervously and was insulted by the expression that crept onto his face when he read the cover, a total look of shock and surprise, like he expected it to be a pop-up book. He rung it in, slipped the recite into the cover and handed the book back to her without even glancing up again. Totally rejected Dawn said to Danielle and Becca if they were done browsing, she’d like to leave. As the girls left the store Dawn dare not turn back to look at “Book store guy”.

The girl’s sat down at their regular booth in the soda shack and began eating there desserts. Dawn wasn’t very hungry but still picked at her bowl of birthday cake and cookie dough ice cream, desperate for some happy thoughts she decided to read some of her new book. Flipping open the first page she came across what she thought was the recite and just as she was about to crumple it up, realized it was a note. About the time she realized this Becca decided to snatch the piece of paper that her friend had been staring at so intensively. Clearing her throat like a historian figure about to make some grand speech Becca read the note aloud 


Didn’t think any would ever pick this book up. Maybe we could grab a drink sometime and talk.

                                   Call me 529-478-2451



Dawn blushed at the thought that someone as hot as this Patrick boy actually wanted to talk to her and Becca and Danielle just giggled and made kissy faces. After they finished their ice cream Danielle bought a round of drinks which surprised Becca and Dawn because first because Danielle never bought anything with her own money and secondly she only ever bought something with her own money when she had something really important to say, and ordering food or drinks guaranteed that Becca and Dawn wouldn’t interrupt her mid sentence. The only example they could remember was when Danielle’s brother died in a car accident she told it to her friends after buying them 3 rounds of soda, so the girls new something was up. When their drinks arrived Dawn and Becca nervously took sips dreading what was coming.

Danielle finally “coughed” to break the silence and started her sentence with “So they want me to switch schools” and right then and there both Becca and Dawn spit the soda everywhere, the three of them had gone to the same school since Pre- K. The thought of not being together chilled the girls to their very bones, but Becca and Dawn knew that there was more Danielle had to say and were good enough friends no to interrupt her…yet.

 She continued her sentence “Yeah, the school board thinks because I’m such a talented artist I’m not reaching my fullest potential at T.V.O.S.S and think that I should switch to Richards school of Arts. Becca butted in “but Danielle what are you going to do?” Danielle could tell her friends were concerned and reassured them that she told the principal she “wasn’t going anywhere without her best friend’s”. Dawn finally spoke up “Darling R.A is the most prestigious art school there is, please tell me there were other reason’s then us for not going.” “Ooo there is” she replied “There’s the fact that they wanted me to pay $30,000 a year to attend”. Becca’s jaw dropped “Who would’ve thought art school would cost so much.” The three of them just laughed and smiled with happiness at the fact that everything in their lives was going to stay the same.


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