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This chicka ain’t doing the beast with two backs, until there’s a ring on her finger. November 18, 2010

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Hey, it’s been two weeks… Prepare for a cluster fuck!

And also the first part of this may be uncomfortable for you to read, but that’s to bad, because you have to… well no you don’t cause I can’t force you to read this, you could always just click away… well you know what, just read it and if it’s too much for you, escape by karate chopping the backspace button.

So as the title suggests, this post would be random and I’ve again tricked you into reading something pointless, well this is pointless but surprisingly on topic to what the title suggest… a little bit… alright I will briefly be on the subject just because I hate lying to you guys with my titles. The phrase “This chicka ain’t doing the beast with two backs, until there’s a ring on her finger.” was invented when talking to my sister about sex. The topic came up after I had my robot baby, I received 100 on it and my friend’s were congratulating me telling me what a good parent I was going to be and all that jazz, well my sister stumbled upon the situation and proceeded to yell at me and tell me that I shouldn’t have sex I was way to young – and the young part is debatable but I have my own terms when it comes to sex and I ended up shouting that line at her. Afterwards she looked at me like I’d just told her I’d seem some guys doing naked cartwheels in the hallway… she was confused. So I simply explained to her, that unlike some of the people I am friend’s with and know I don’t plan on having sex until I’m married. Now instead of looking confused my sister simply looked astonished like saying you weren’t going to have sex until you were married was a foreign term to her, which got me thinking, is waiting until marriage really such an unheard of thing, are we as teenagers really seen as hormonal crazed kids who are having sex like rabbits?


2 Responses to “This chicka ain’t doing the beast with two backs, until there’s a ring on her finger.”

  1. […] mother, I’m not saying that I want to be a teen mother, heck I’m not even having sex “This Chicka Ain’t Doing The Beast With Two Backs, Until There’s A Ring On Her Fin… But still, if these babies are supposed to convice us to stay away from having sex and the risks […]

  2. hahahahahahahahahhaha sucha guuuud title.
    But yeah, I think the idea of abstinence does seem unheard of to many youngins. I guess the new theory is that if you’re “in love” it isn’t really important to wait. I think that’s pretty stupid, but we all get a little stupid sometimes I guess…… Back on topic; it is important to wait. If you’re doing all the things married couples do, why get married? It isn’t about having a good time, you have to be really close with someone for it to mean anything, and I think that’s why its become so meaningless.

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