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Racism, My baby, and why I slapped him. November 18, 2010

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This is a post to be read after my recent post “Hold My Baby While I Go Get A Beer” 

For those of you that have already read that post, well let’s continue. On the weekend that I had my RB or Robot Baby, I went out to dinner to celebrate my new brother-in-laws birthday. Present was my mom and dad, my older brother and younger brother, my sister, her husband, his parents, my baby, and of course myself. Now as it was sunday I pretty much had my babies schedule nailed down, I knew when she would cry for food, diaper, rocking or just to cry in general, something she did twice that night.

Now when the baby cries for no reason no amount of shushing or rocking will do anything, you just gotta hold her, and wait the one sometimes three minutes until she stops crying. Now being out to dinner with other families enjoying a pleasant time, I would leave the restaurant when the baby would cry for no reason, the first time this happened I just went outside and hopped around the parking lot until she stopped, nothing that interest… but the second time I went out, let’s just say it was a little more eventful.

Now as I’ve said there were other families dining at the restaurant, the family sitting a table away from us had a boy about our age, if not a year or two older and on my second visit outside he followed me. This wasn’t a big shocker to me when he came outside, but what did shock me is what he said. He flat-out asked me “what decisions lead to me ruining my life” and although I think being a teen mother isn’t a great choice I don’t think having a baby would ruin your life. As I told this to him, he stopped me and continued to say that “having a baby as a teenager didn’t ruin my life, but having a baby with a black man did.”

At this point I was astonished with this boy, who was so blatantly ignorant and racist, I didn’t know what to say, but his words of wisdom didn’t stop there, it seemed he had even more to say, and stepping closer so that we were mere inches away from each other he looked me in the eyes and said “it was a real shame I would stoop so low as to sleep with a black guy, and that I could have had really pretty white babies with a guy like him.” I finally slapped him. I knew it was wrong to slap him, but it just felt really good to do so, he was such a jerk that it was something I just had to do, and the better part is, that I don’t regret my decision at all.

And although I never told my family, about what the jerk said, I really hope that they understood why I had to do it.


3 Responses to “Racism, My baby, and why I slapped him.”

  1. Someone actually came up and said that to you?!?! What a (insert malicious and derogatory name of your choice here)!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely deserved the slap in my opinion.

    Did he actually think it was a real baby?

    • Yeah he actually thought it was a real baby, but after a little bit he realized it was a doll. That’s the way it was with most people, they thought it was real and then realized it was a doll.

  2. lol that made my life (the fact he thought is was a real baby and confronted you about it)! i would’ve slapped him to. then walked away murmring ‘it’s okay baby, he didn’t really mean it, he doesn’t hate you or your daddy’ to my robot baby xD

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