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Hold my baby while I go get a beer. November 18, 2010

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Cause I have a baby, a daughter, my little beautiful … robot.

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there, I am one of those “fated” kids who took parenting and got the baby. Well correction I took parenting to GET the baby, I freaking loved that thing – and I’m probably the only one.

Elienna Juliet – the name of my darling robot – is a baby think it over, a special baby simulator designed to scare teenagers both male and female away from sex and the ultimate consequence… a baby. But does this method really work? I’m not so sure. After spending the entire – unrealistic – weekend with my daughter I believe I would have no problem being a teen mother, I’m not saying that I want to be a teen mother, heck I’m not even having sex “This Chicka Ain’t Doing The Beast With Two Backs, Until There’s A Ring On Her Finger.” But still, if these babies are supposed to convince us to stay away from having sex and the risks of pregnancy why not make it a little more realistic, The baby didn’t move if I set it on a table it would just sit there, swiping my wrist in front of the baby and holding a bottle to its face while still sleeping is how to feed your child, The bottle is never-ending, and you only get it for a maximum of three days.

In real life, you have to support your baby all the time, they’re floppy like wet noodles, you actually have to get up at all hours and feed your baby holding it in the right position otherwise it could choke on the milk, or even drown if you were to feeding it while sleeping, the endless bottle, that doesn’t exist on the things we should have to do, is know what it would be like to have to make bottle after bottle of milk, when it comes to changing a real babies diaper, there’s a lot more to it than just switching coloured tags, it’s a dirty job, and finally three days? You never get a real baby for three days if you have a baby, your own baby, and you’re going to keep it and care for it, you can’t just give it to someone else to look after because you’ve had enough.

With a real baby you actually have to give up things in your life, school, socializing, and just the random time you spend watching tv, working out, surfing the net, even texting. Babies will cut into your life and take things away from you, but it’s your child, and their your responsibility, you have to be there for them, look after them, love them, and give up everything for them if you have to, because when it comes down to it, you can go back to school or get your GED, but you can never go back in time and witness the amazingness that is your child’s firsts. There first words, steps and potty training are memory’s that you will always carry with you even when your child is grown and has children of their own.

This post has gotten really of topic, really I did plan on talking about my baby, but it’s just been a while since I blogged, and I like typing, and this is a tangent that I should really wrap up. I hope if you’ve read this post, you understand at least a little bit where I’m coming from, and if you completely disagree with me, feel free to voice your opinion. I’m not saying you change my views on things, but it’s always good to know the view from other people’s eyes.


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  3. Did you follow the show “The Baby Borrowers”? It was really interesting reality television experiment where teen couples who were thinking about having children would live in a house together, go to work and have responsibilities similar to real life (bills, budgets, making meals, cleaning). Each week they would “borrow” real children who were at different stages such as infant, toddler, elementary and young adult. Even though I wonder how real reality television is, I thought this was fascinating to watch and it contained many good lessons! All of these couples divorced (broke up) and will definitely wait for children. There were many tears and lots of yelling, but they also experienced good times (first words, smiles). I think the experiment was very effective, even to the viewers at home! This is relevant to your post because it is on teen couples simulating what being a parent is all about!

    • I actually did watch this show, my favorite episodes being the time when they had the teenagers, and when they had the elderly. With the teenagers it was just straight chaos for the week and then the old people, were just demanding to be listened to because they were their elders. But yes I found that the show was effective towards their goal of showing teens how hard parenting is, and it was also just entertaining to watch.

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