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The beautiful night sky… and why I’m sorry. November 4, 2010

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I apologize in advance for the poorly drawn photo… I’m not artistic.

I love astrology, staring up into the night and just looking at the stars and the beautiful moon. But I can’t seem to talk to people about, because

A) They never fully understand the reason I am amazed by it all – I don’t even fully understand it.

B) They just don’t care

C) I make them depressed

Know your probably wondering how I can depress someone using the stars but it usually goes a little something like this…

Me: See that star up there, the one that looks like it’s flashing?

Person: Yeah, what about it?

Me: I just think it’s so cool that half the stars we’re seeing, no longer exist.

Person: Oh but that’s, but there so prett… – life destroyed –


And so in advance I would like to say that I’m sorry I have destroyed some people’s lives in telling them that half the things we see no longer exist.


3 Responses to “The beautiful night sky… and why I’m sorry.”

  1. i love this, i also love astrology, i love taking my ipod out onto my trampoline and just watching the stars for hours. I think its interesting that the stars that are flashing are no longer living, just the whole thing amazes me !

  2. ……………… I like your beak people….

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