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If live gives you lemons. Keep them. Because, hey, free lemons. November 4, 2010

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Just like ideas, if something in your life gives you a super idea than use it. Today or rather right this moment I’ve decided to blog because I was looking at different things for my birthday and just needed a break, and what a better way to break then to talk to myself on the internet. Woo. Chloe the other day pointed out that she was envious of my titles, something that I find is talked about amongst other people. For example the post “Windextor and How He’ll Clean Your Soul” never mentions anything about Windextor or how he’ll clean your soul. I just happened to be listening to Dane Cook at the moment and thought it would make a clever title.

Because if you haven’t noticed, my clever titles are how I reel you in. No one’s ever going to click on my post’s if there just constantly called “What I’m thinking about today” I mean how many of you are reading this blog post because the title is something that caught your eye? Probably all of you. But I would in the long run like to apologize that my titles are sometimes if not mostly false promises of a fun post and I actually have just managed to trick you into reading something you have no interest in reading which is – my life.

Thinking about us – thanks Nelly for leading me to my next train of though. I still haven’t put much thought into my future other than I have anialated all of my previous college choices because I have once again switched my major. My newest quest “Baking and Pastry Artist” because for all of you who don’t know, I love to cook and bake and just make awesome food in general, it’s an art to me and basically one of the few things that I am semi talented in doing.

Writing this post I just happened to have glanced down at the word count and that makes me wonder, what is your opinion of a blog post, do you hate reading my lengthy and mostly rambly posts? Would you like it if I posted shorter blog? Let me know because for once in my blogging I am addressing YOU my reader and asking YOUR opinion. So don’t waste this opportunity, because I won’t listen to you often.

Also just a side note, I have been posting a steady stream of posts instead of my usual disappearing for a while and then posting a clusterfuck, is this also something you like more, a steady stream of blog posts, one or two every day or so, or do you prefer when I disappear and then assault you? ( with posts of course, I mean I don’t actually assault… any… of… okay maybe one or two of you but still it’s assault with love.)


One Response to “If live gives you lemons. Keep them. Because, hey, free lemons.”

  1. KimmyKup ♥ Says:

    I have no oppinion of when you blog,
    But I just thought I’d point out that this title is awesome, and when I read th part about your changed major I thought it said “banking and pastry artist”. Sounds like an epic job title none the less.

    Also, LOOK!
    There’s a smilie face in the bottom left corner of the page (:

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