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I’m a ninja and you just have to accept that. **Updated November 3, 2010

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Alright so for those of you who read my blog, you may have noticed a deleted post, one about certain topics I will not mention again… well its gone forever and those of you who never saw it well that’s just something to get over.

The reason I deleted the post was not because it was inappropriate or controversal but rather, I felt it brought down the ENTIRE mood of my blog, which has so far remained funny, if not just a little bit insane. One thing I would like to say today is thank you to all of those who have read my blog, it is kinda hilarious to me that on November 1st alone over 20 people visited… that’s more visits than the entire month of October together.

I really think my blog should have a purpose and I feel that I am constantly saying – if not thinking – this. But I just can’t bring myself to focus long enough, I don’t really think I’d like it if I limited my blog to one specific thing, because my life isn’t limited to one thing. I love music, the drums, and books but I don’t think I could write about that every month, let alone every week.

Alright so now that I had to briefly pause and reboot my computer for my keyboard decided to stop working but instead become musical… I have no idea what I was going to write after that.

Well, moving on, ha moving on, brings me to the train of thought that is college, something I am currently not thinking about too much, but appears to be punching me in the back of the head saying “THINK ABOUT ME! I’M YOUR FUTURE!” which it is of course… unless I decide I’d rather not waste all that money and I just don’t go. Oh decisions, decisions.  I think after this post I might work on my writing a little bit, and no I’m not talking about the assignments I’m talking about the books that I write in my spare time I think currently I have three going – all at various stages (I’m 2 chapters into one and 32 into another)

Side note, Chloe and other friend’s have noted that my hands have looked a palish blue and green – making them think that I am Zombeh esck :( – so we googled searched it and read some of the symptoms Chloe was quick to point out that I had at least four of the symptoms so wooo ANEMIC! Basically that means (if I have it) that my iron levels are lower than they are supposed to be and that I will most likely have to take iron supplements pills to balance everything else… Hey maybe I’ll finally learn my blood type.

Update: I lied and never worked on my writing, I came home – took some Buckleys night time liqugels and zonked right out… at 4 o clock.


2 Responses to “I’m a ninja and you just have to accept that. **Updated”

  1. Jenn Tease Says:


  2. KimmyKup ♥ Says:

    Lol I had to take iron supplements, but I wasn’t greeny blue D=
    Annd they didn’t even tell me my blood type >.>

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