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I paint with watercolours and show’d you my downstairs mixup – love me? October 15, 2010

Filed under: Rambles — GabrialGrewOnUp @ 2:37 pm

I was a boring person, and I still am for the most part. But sometime last year my mother told me I was boring, I had no social life and I needed to get involved more. This plan has back fired on her.

Since being told how lame I was I went on a joining spree, I now get up early every Wednesday for Appasioanta and every friday for Concert Choir. I stay after school every Tuesday for glee girls – a group of people who watch glee together – and every thursday for Improv meetings. And although it’s not extra curricular I’m in yearbook. I’ve also started hanging out with my friends more, and going to all the dances.

My mother is horrified by my sudden popularity, she doesn’t like me going out a lot, and complains that I always need money for this trip or that trip. Most of all she hates driving carpool every other week. I don’t think waking up early for her would be all that bad – if I didn’t wake her up in the most creepy way possible.

It started a long while back, that after watching a youtube video together I began to wake her up with the creepy whispering lines of:“I’m old Greg, do you love me? Could you learn to love me? I showed you my downstairs mixup.” For those of you not familiar with old Greg, google it, you will be creeped out and afterward you will imagine me waking my mother up like that, and you will thank the air you’re not her.

Alright but moving on, I’m social, I wake my mother up creepily, and that’s about all this post has talked about. Which is really, kinda lame… when I think about… So I’m not going to think about, I’m just going to force all of you to endure this lameness. I guess I should wrap this post up before it gets really long an annoying so… Magical Space Bear!


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