Happieness is a choice

Because I don’t post enough… **updated October 14, 2010

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Hello again, writer’s craft… and anyone who may have stumbled upon this blog. This is another rant – their getting to be a daily thing now – which will get, if not already, really annoying to the lot of you. But I like to write on this thing, it allows me to just blah blah blah, for a good amount of time.

My guest person, standing behind me today is Rachel, she is currently freaking out over the fact that she has a project due right after lunch and the computer she is working on just froze – I’ve shown her the “Alot” article, and it seemed to calm her down just a tab bit, but not that much. When Rachel gets upset she sometimes makes little wimpery noises.

There was one time in the washroom, where the lack of paper towels made her fall to the ground, pull out her hair and cry for about 10 minutes.

Rachel has now returned to her computer across the library where she’s staring at it desperately willing it to work, and glaring at it daring it to stay frozen. It’s quite a thing to watch.

Moving on to why I actually started this post today, well there is no reason, I was bored and this blogging thing is just a way for me to type things and look important to other people.

You’re probably wondering if I’ll ever post something of interest on here, and not just what I watch, read, listen to and ramble about. As in short stories, chapters from the books I write, what’s currently in my fridge or why I’m not wearing my left shoe. And the answer is yes, I usually post in a large group called a “clusterfuck” – meaning that I take long periods of time where I write nothing at all, and then return by writing 3 or more post’s in the matter of hours. It’s something that if you continue to visit my blog, you will learn to adjust to.

I think later today on spare or sometime tonight after improv I will post a bunch of stuff, to compliment the vast amount of … stuff, I’ve already posted.

Update: the computor gave up. Rachel wins this round.

Update – Round two: Rachel froze a different computor… they’re plotting against her.


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