Happieness is a choice

we’re growing up October 1, 2010

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Tomorrow afternoon I will watch my sister walk over and join the rest of my family at the leaf covered arbour. But this isn’t just another evening of dinner and drinks. Tomorrow my only sister will be walking down the aisle. That’s right it’s her wedding day, my 23-year-old sister will marry the love of her life and I couldn’t be happier for her, but I will also be happy that this wedding is finally over with.

Now for those of you who don’t know my sister – basically everyone – you need to know that I love my sister with all my heart, but she can just not make up her mind, so these last five weeks planning for her big day has just been one big problem after another, from her and my mom fighting every time I turn around, to arguing over who’s doing what and when, nobody could agree on anything – and every now and then just as a joke, my dad would pipe in about her just eloping to Las Vegas. My sister although indecisive and problematic  has also been very lucky, in ways, for example the very first dress she tried on fit her to a t and she looked absolutely gorgeous in it but just to be safe she tried on some other dresses. But nothing was the same, it was either to tight, to lose, or just wasn’t her style. Nothing was a good as the first, and with that she bought the first wedding dress she tried on. She was also lucky in getting bridesmaid dresses, where one store told us that we wouldn’t find the dresses we wanted for anything less than 198 dollars, the second store we went to had them, in a whole rainbow of colours, for 100 less dollars.

I’m happy for my sister, and although she didn’t stick to her promise from when we were younger of making me her maid of honour, I’m still in the wedding party.

My sister Amy is 23 and clearly an adult but as we learned this morning old habits die-hard – she still doesn’t trust me not to burn her with a hair straightener and I still don’t trust having her behind me while going down the stairs, I guess even though we get older and things change, like her getting married and living with her husband, and me heading off to school soon, somethings just never will.

And no matter what comes between us, be it a fight, time or even just distance. She is, and always will be, my only sister.


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